Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Egg Garden grow my needs of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers?
Yes, you can grow up to 38 plants from a wide range of plant varieties in the the Egg Garden.
Is the Egg Garden easy to use for a first time grower?
The Egg Garden is designed to be easy to use and maintain by both experts and first time users.
Does it take a lot of time to maintain the Egg Garden?
Maintaining the Egg Garden takes less time than traditional means of growing plants. The fact that it does not use soil cuts down on the time and materials required to keep it up. Furthermore,  most plants grow quicker and larger in the Egg Garden compared to soil-based growing. The Egg Garden's automated irrigation system ensures that the plants get their water and nutrients regularly.
How much space does the Egg Garden require?
The Egg Garden occupies less than 1.3 square foot of space.
Where can I place the Egg Garden
The Egg Garden can be placed indoor or outdoor as long as the temperature and conditions are ideal for plant growth.